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Pravin Simons



"It was interesting working with Claps & Whistles bcoz they work along with you. Prasad and his team are hands on people and they try to see & envision your perspective which helps you bring forth a great product.
Very important is the aspect that they are willing to go the extra mile and really take efforts to do it."

Manjiri Rajopadhye

Mangoblossom Design


"I have been working with Prasad Moorthy of Claps & Whistles for the past 15 years. Not only is he the best in the industry, he is an absolute professional and a thorough gentleman.

Thanks Prasad! I wish you all the best."

KNK Vasan

Jal Engineers Pvt Ltd
Chairman & Managing Director


"We have known Mr. Prasad Moorthy and Claps and Whistles for many years. He has an amazing capability to visualize, create and deliver to the utmost satisfaction of his clients. What is remarkable is his unstinting perseverance to quality however challenging the task.
With all our print requirements taken care of by him, we are always assured of the best! We wish him all the very best in all his future endeavors."

Saumya Dattatreya Rao

All Things Green


"Friendly people to work with! Magicians with image manipulation! Great design sense and ever ready to incorporate changes that make us want to work with Prasad and team each time."

Meera Murali

Samana Foods Inc,USA
Founder Member /Vice President


"We are a Start up based in a northern suburb of chicago. Claps and Whistles was recommended to us by a common friend. We thought, we needed a simple website and contacted Claps and Whistles for it. But, soon the scope extended to designing and printing the labels as well.

We are now collaborating on entire package design with them. Working with Claps and Whistles has truly been an experience of admiration for Prasad and his team. I would like to highlight three very important aspects from our experience.

• Firstly, contrary to most other experiences, communication with Claps and Whistles has been so easy and professional. They have responded to every phone call and each and every email of ours. It makes it a lot easier to work especially when one party is off shore.

• Secondly, the openness with which Prasad and his team received our suggestions and our feedbacks.

• Thirdly, their full commitment and hard work to
deliver on promises.

I would strongly recommend Claps and Whistles to all startups like us in the US."

Kedar Mehta

Adornis Wallpaper


"PRASAD and Claps and Whistles are the most creative and ambitious team for all your marketing and sales needs...we are very satisfied and content with their creatives ideas and services...."

Kaustubh Nigudkar

Press Wings Advertising Services
Managing Partner


"Chilled out, absolutely creative and a thorough professional is how I have known Prasad Moorthy.

In the advertising Industry we work on pretty stringent deadlines and despite the almost no time scenarios have never yet known him to miss a single one yet and in that the best part is that the job quality has remained quite consistently above the expected benchmark.

It is this clarity and consistency in delivery quality that has made working with him a pleasure over the decade that we have known each other and have absolutely no hesitation in recommending Claps & Whistles to any of my clients and friends who have specialized requirements worthy of their skills."

Bhushan Shelar

Concorde Academics Pvt Ltd
GM - Sales & Marketing


"At Concorde we have been working with Claps & Whistles for the last few years. The team is very professional and ever ready to help. Work is always delivered on time.

Congrats Prasad,
Concorde wishes you the very best !!!"

Kavita Jayakumar

Kaps Hygiene Solutions Private Limited


"Just wanted to take this opportunity to thank you all. The service level of yours is par excellence and extremely prompt.

Great team."

Ramaswamy Sastry



Talent, dedication and team work - every day and in every work. This is our experience with Claps and Whistles over the years.
Open for any kind of creative and technology challenges and deliveries that have always been exciting.
Just take a look at our website, this kind of work can not be from the ordinary.

Rahul S

Spectrum Offshore & Onshore Services Pvt Ltd


I have been working with Claps & Whistles team for over 4-5 years now. Be it designing our company brochures, building up a highly professional website from scratch or casually brainstorming business ideas with Prasad, the experience has been phenomenal and very professional. Most often than not, my assignments happen to be ad-hoc and time consuming at the same time. Prasad's team has been more than accommodating at all occassions. A heavy focus on customer service! I would recommend Claps and Whistles to anyone without even batting my eye just for the fact that they are capable of delivering great work, at the right price point and abiding by high quality standards at any given point. Good luck to the team for its future endeavors!

Rhea Doshi

BASF India Ltd
Human Resources - Learning & Development


We have been working with Claps and Whistles for more than 5 years now. The team supports us on our requirements with creativity and patience. This combination makes them exceptional in their work. Would like to appreciate Mahesh from Prasad's team for his creativity, speed and excellent customer service. Really glad to be associated with Prasad and team.

Ranjitha Moorthy

The London Bridge Centre
Founder Director


"We would like to take a moment to appreciate our technology partners, Claps and Whistles.
We would like to mention your patience, Prasad, and that of your team as well, especially Ajit.
We are truly grateful to have Claps and Whistles as our technology partner.
Thank you so much, Prasad and team."